mothers day

On mothers day my sister and i woke up and went to wake up my dad and get the presanrs for my mum. My mum was sitting in her chear reading a book. My sister was the first to give her presant it was an oven mit with hart shaped biskit cutters. My present was a frame that said I ❤️ mum and the hart was a pictur frame. I also made her a copple of vouchers stapled together. After that we made her breakfast with a coffie.

What makes My mum special                                                              

she makes me coffie and she makes my tea for me, she make my dinner and breakfast, she helps me when im stuck or sad, she lets me get stuff when i have enuf for it, lets me have friends over for sleepovers and she is kinde and fun



I loved playing around with the sphero. Me and my friend perri had a play and did three corsess. I won 2 and she won 1 and we had a race agenst the class. I think i was the fastes because i went straght around the cone straght away.


in class today we did a prime and compsite work. We made a grid with the prime and compsites on the numbes. We made them in explain everything and got the grid from my teachers blog.

a prime is a numbe that can only be divided by 1 or its self e.g. 7

a compsite is a numbe that can be divided evenly e.g. 6 6= 1×6 6=2×3